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To Protect and to Rock

The Surrender

Happy Flight

Wave of Hope

The Crucifixion of Jareth

Old Hickory



The 17th Colossus

The Queen

Harvest for a Greyhound

Those Who Nomi

Chesapeake Encounter

The Purple One

Écorché Man

Step Into My Mind...

Home on the Range Tuna

Barnacles Bark at the Sky

Currituck Girl

The Fratellis

Little Buckeroos...

The First Thanksgiving

Gwarbiz Pizza

Gwarbiz Pizza (2014)

A combination of two of my most memorable live music experiences - GWAR and Showbiz Pizza - although an animatronic band is arguably not live music. The artwork was completed the weekend that Dave Brockie passed away so sadly he never got a chance to see it. Metal Blade Records tweeted it and Slymenstra Hymen gave it a thumbs-up on Facebook, though.

ON SALE NOW! A very short edition of 50 copies of GWARBIZ PIZZA were printed. Artwork is 10" tall x 32" wide and is printed on heavy, semi-gloss archival paper. Each print is tastefully signed and numbered in the lower margin. Bring the blood-soaked fun of Dave Brockie and a giant robot gorilla into your family's home!

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