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The Crucifixion of Jareth

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The 17th Colossus

The Queen

Harvest for a Greyhound

Those Who Nomi

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The Purple One

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Step Into My Mind...

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Barnacles Bark at the Sky

Currituck Girl

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The First Thanksgiving

Gwarbiz Pizza

Currituck Girl (2013)

A pleasant glimpse into local northeastern North Carolina, Currituck Girl is a return to the "big eye" style. Other than a smirking redhead you'll find several symbols of this beautiful area. (2013)

"Currituck Girl" is a limited edition of 200 quality art prints, signed and numbered on heavy 14-pt. gloss cardstock each measuring 11x17 inches. An excellent piece for the kids, especially when your spouse is not comfortable with presidents riding dinosaurs in your home. Shipping and tracking are included in price.

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